Measurement and Adjustment

In order to determine frame size and saddle height, CycleFit utilizes the inseam length and shoe size. To calculate saddle setback, one needs to measure the femur or upper leg length. Crank length is also determined by these methods. When making saddle height adjustments, do so gradually. Frame length, the distance between the saddle and the bar, and stem height are all determined by arm length and trunk length. Finally, bar width is linked directly to shoulder width. If the CycleFit advised stem height caused pain in the lower back, one should adjust the stem to a higher level. A well trained cyclist will prefer, in general, a lower bar/stem set up. Because CycleFit works off of already existing frame sizes, one should take the next steps into consideration when adjusting the components on the bike:

First, adjust the saddle height and set back.

Next, adjust the distance between the saddle
and the bar. If adjustment is required,
one should adjust the stem.

All indicated measurements should be
measured as center to center unless
indicated differently

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