Stretched Position:

Characteristic for the CycleFit advised position is the stretched position. This position is suitable for mid and long distances and unburdens the wrist, neck, and spinal column. Many have neck problems due to incorrect saddle position complaints that can be directly related to too short bikes. CycleFit advises a long forward stretched position. Stretching the back will unburden the neck and lower back. In addition, a stretched back leads to the enlargement of the thorax. This will lead to a increase of oxygen intake. Also, the more forward overturned position of the pelvis creates more stability. Finally, this position is more aerodynamic.

Short Position:

A short position can lead to back problems because of the terse position of the spinal column. This position caused a lot of stress on the lower part of the back. Besides that, the neck has to make a sharper angle in order to look ahead, which can cause cramps. The short position, from the pelvis, up the spinal cord, to the head causes lots of stress. The cyclist becomes cramped. The oxygen supply is limited in this position because the thorax is being compressed.

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